Enabling our clients to live life to the full.

Premiere Care is registered with the Care Quality Commission, we aim to provide a  quality bespoke care service within your own home environment. We introduce self-employed carers who are competent, caring and compatible. From our base in Leyburn, North Yorkshire we provide hourly and/or night time care to clients within 15 miles of our Leyburn office and live-in-care throughout the United Kingdom.

Each of our carers are carefully vetted through a rigorous selection process, ensuring a high level of client satisfaction and a continuity of care. Our experienced team supports the individual needs of each of our clients, enabling them to be as independent as possible and to live life to the full, while remaining in their own homes.

Our management team assesses each new client to establish their individual requirements. We strive to provide our clients with a bespoke care package tailored to their particular needs. As a result we provide a first class competitive, flexible and responsive service, delivering excellent care every time.

We had our first audit since we registered with the CQC in November 2019. The report found that we provide good care in the home, but that we need to improve our adminsitrative systems and processes and as a consequence we were given an overall rating of Requires Improvement. You can read the full report here. We welcome the findings of the report and are really keen to implement improvements in all the identified areas. For example, since the audit we have been working hard to introduce and implement new procedures in how we manage the care we provide, as well introducing a new online system that enables us to more closely monitor the work our carers are doing around their provision of care and medications in particular. We are confident that the next audit will reflect all our work with an improved outcome.

​To find out more about our services please call us on 01748 902423 or fill in the enquiry form on this page. Our friendly management team will be only too pleased to call you back and discuss your requirements and find out how we can help provide you with the best care for you or your family.

Our Care Services

Premiere Care provides a range of different care services:

Hourly Care

We have a dedicated team of hourly home carers who are able to visit a client in their own home at times to suit and for a duration to meet their needs. Due to carer travel costs this service is limited to within 15 miles of Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

Day Care

A maximum of a 12 hours shift any time between 7am and 9pm. Our day Carers will assist with getting up, washing, dressing, food preparation, as well as be available to take clients to appointments. Due to carer travel costs this service is limited to within 15 miles of Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

Night Care

A maximum of a 12 hours shift any time between 7pm and 9am. Our night carers will assist with getting ready for bed, washing, as well as night care as required. Due to carer travel costs this service is limited to within 15 miles of Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

Companion live-in care

Companion Care is our entry level live-in care service. Carers are available to keep clients company, keeping them safe during the day and overnight. The service includes basic housekeeping, cooking and transportation to appointments. Our live-in care service is offered to clients anywhere in UK.

Respite care

Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. It can be arranged for just an afternoon or for several days or weeks. Care is provided in the client’s home. Due to the temporary nature of this work it is not always possible to arrange at short notice, please contact the management team to discuss.

Personal live-in care

Personal Care is our primary live-in care service. Carers are on hand in the client’s home 24/7. The service includes basic housekeeping, cooking and transportation to appointments, but will also include full personal care, including dementia and or palliative care. Our live-in care service is offered to clients anywhere in UK.

Great Care Starts with You!

Working with Premiere Care

We are always looking for carers, if you are interested fill in the form and we will contact you. Benefits of working with us:

Chose when you work, plus when and how often you go on holiday. Simple tax self-assessment means you can reclaim your expenses.
Hours to suit you
Choose when you want to work from hourly to 24/7, working as many consecutive days as you and the client want.
Great hourly and daily rates
Over £10 per hour for hourly care. Live-in care rates start at £90 per day, but will vary depending on the complexity of care needs.
Paid travel
Travel paid at £0.45p per mile. Some travel is capped, but carers will never be out of pocket getting to and from a job.
Supportive office team
Friendly and supportive office team available to help and advise during the week from 9 to 5pm, with out of hours emergency support too.
Premiere Care team
Enjoy working as part of a great team, proudly delivering an amazing service to our clients since 2001.

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