How we work

Premiere Care (NE) Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a domiciliary care provider. As a result our care services adhere to the legislation as laid out in Health & Social Care Act 2008, and subsequent iterations.

There are five pillars to a well run service and therefore you can expect our service to be:


  • All our carer are vetted (DBS and reference checks) and interviewed.
  • We undertake regular client / family feedback, spot checking the carers’ work, including site visits and reviewing carer notes to ensure medication and other key activities and observations are properly recorded and, whenever possible, speaking in private to the client to assess how happy they are with the service and how they feel with the carer looking after them.
  • We undertake site visits to re-assess your needs, ensuring that the appropriate level of care is being provided and that the carers have the right skills for the job and to carry out periodic risk assessments of your environment, checking things like room temperatures, hygiene conditions and looking out for trip hazards etc.
  • We also visit you when we become aware that your needs are changing, to review the Care Plan with you, your family and the carer team and to agree the changes required.
  • We ensure our carers undertake regular training and if we become aware of any shortcomings in a carer’s standards we will help them to retrain
  • We also have an incident reporting policy and procedure in place in the event of an accident or injury, requiring the carer to make a full report of the facts which is investigated by the Premiere Care management team.


  • At interview, via references and during training that carers undertake, we establish the skills and experience of each of our carers, ensuring we are better able to place the right carer with the necessary skills and experience to look after you properly.
  • Our carers are all properly introduced to you and / or your family and any issues or incompatibility are quickly addressed.
  • We place great emphasis on ensuring a good relationship is established between our carers and you and your family, as we are aware that this facilitates good communication and, where your family is at a distance, offers reassurance to them that you are in capable hands.
  • We communicate frequently with the you and / or your family, mostly by phone but also by email and letter. We always take care to establish clear boundaries regarding information confidentiality in order to respect privacy, as we believe clear communication ensures we deliver the right level of care that is needed and can also provide appropriate support to your family.
  • All our carers sign a confidentiality statement explaining how we use their data in order to deliver an excellent care service that operates within the GDPR guidelines.
  • We produce a detailed care plan for your care and this is shared with our carers. This way we can be confident that the carer knows precisely what is expected in the job and has the knowledge to look after you in the way you want to be looked after.
  • The feedback we seek from you and your family, during annual reviews spot checks and when we visit because a client’s circumstances has changed, helps us to ensure individual Carers are doing a good job and to improve how we work.
  • Feedback is also gathered via the annual client survey that we post / email to you or your family, this can be anonymous and helps us to ensure we continue to do the best possible job.


  • We undertake detailed initial assessments which we use to get a complete understanding of the your needs, likes and dislikes. This information is used to ensure our carers are well matched with you and have the required knowledge and skills, plus understanding of your personal preferences, to provide an excellent care service.
  • We expect our carers to undertake training, including watching training videos, around dignity and respect for vulnerable people. Our reputation is built on delivering a client focussed caring domiciliary service and the vast majority of our new business comes from referrals because we are very good at delivering that.
  • Our amazing carers will often go out of their way to help the client and their family.
  • We keep in regular contact with you and / or your family.


  • We will respond to feedback from you or your family, for example quickly swapping out a carer who is found not to be compatible.
  • We aim to understand your preferences and also what you hope to get out of the care service in a more holistic sense.
  • Our detailed care plans lay out the key issues you want the carer(s) to focus on and any additional information necessary for them to do a great job.
  • We will review our care plan at least annually, but often it is amended more frequently, the result of feedback, or a change in your wellbeing. Any amendments are shared with the carers and with you and / or your family.
  • In the event your health deteriorates suddenly our carers will immediately contact an appropriate health care professional, inform the Premiere Care office and work with health services, you and your family, to ensure appropriate action is taken and you are kept informed as to what that is.
  • We are also responsive to our carers needs, we do this through regular contact, ensuring they are well and enjoying their job. Our office staff provide support to our carers as and when they need it.
  • In the event we receive a complaint about a carer or our service we will take it very seriously. We will undertake an open, transparent investigation and inform you of our findings and next steps. Our aim is to avoid the recurrence of the complaint and to improve our service/policies/training/communications as required.

Well led

  • Ursula Bussey, our founder and Joint Managing Director, has over 25 years of experience working in the domiciliary care field. She set up Premiere Care in 2001 with the wellbeing of our clients the focus of everything we do.
  • Nick Bussey, joined Premiere Care in June 2016 and made Joint Managing Director of the company in 2019. He has extensive operational management experience and an in depth understanding of the legislative environment the company operates within.
  • Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible, bespoke home care service.
  • Our office staff are experienced and well trained, they know their responsibilities and are able to provide quality support to our clients and carers.
  • We have good corporate governance in place, including a full range of policies and procedures in place to support our work.
  • We have a clear management structure and leadership in place
  • We communicate in a number of ways to ensure key messages are shared widely and appropriately.
  • We are responsive to requests to change, whether from clients, carers, other stakeholders or from incidents and complaints.
  • We are a learning, no blame organisation, we learn from our mistakes. As a company we are constantly striving to improve.

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