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Premiere Care Services

Premiere Care is based in the picturesque market town of Leyburn, North Yorkshire. A family run business, we have been providing hourly and live-in bespoke home care service to clients across Yorkshire and further afield since 2002. With over 130 experienced Carers on our books and a dedicated office management team, we are well placed to deliver an excellent domiciliary care service that meets your needs now and is responsive to your changing needs in the future.

We offer a range of different services, for information please see below.

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At the initial enquiry

Supporting your initial enquiry, our office management team will provide you with information about the services we offer. We will explain how each service differs from another, the cost of each and help you to decide the right service to suit your needs. We will send you our application form, with prices and terms and conditions, this is available for you to complete online, or we can send it out to you by post if you prefer. On receipt of the completed application form and registration fee we will contact you to arrange an initial assessment appointment.

The assessment process

When you book an assessment we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you, or the person you are arranging care for, this is usually done in the home where the care is due to be provided, but we can also visit you in a care-home or hospital. The visit will last about an hour, this is our opportunity to get a full picture of your care needs and personal preferences (such as meals and drinks), as well as understand about what you want to get from the care service.

The care plan

When we have completed the assessment we will develop a detailed care plan. This is what we use to inform our carers about your care needs and is integral to our approach to match you with a carer who has the right skills, experience and personality to best meet your needs. We will share our care plan with you and your family to help us ensure we have got it right. Also, from time to time, we will review the care plan in order to ensure it is current and appropriate for your needs at all times.


Hourly and day care

Our hourly and day care service is our most flexible offering however, due to the cost of travel for carers getting to and from your home, we only provide this service within approx 15 miles of Leyburn. Hourly care includes such services as: help with getting up and dressed, preparing food, ensuring medication is taken, shopping, personal care and general welfare. Hourly care can be provided anytime between 7am and 9pm, we provide a minimum of a one hour slot and you can have up to five hourly visits in a day. If you find you need more than five hours it is generally more cost effective to pay for a carer to provide you with an eight hour day, as this reduces the travel costs.

Night Care

There are occasions when what a client needs is someone at home to look after them overnight. This might be because of night/day confusion, often caused by vascular dementia, or perhaps nights have become disturbed, or you just need frequent help to get up. In these instances we can provide a dedicated night carer, someone who is awake all night to look after you. Sometime the night carer will work alongside a day carer, ensuring both are wide awake and responsive when you need them. Sometimes the night carer will work alongside a live-in carer, we provide this when the live-in carer cannot get a good night of sleep.


Companion Care

This is our entry level live-in care service. We know that our clients value their independence and appreciate being able to look after themselves for as long as possible. But there is a time when it is safer for the client to have someone living in. Our carers are able to keep clients company and offer assistance when it’s needed most. This service is designed to give clients and their families peace of mind, without being too intrusive and is all about empowering our clients to live life to the full in their own home for as long as possible.

Elderly Woman talking with a caregiver while she is doing chores

Live-in personal care

Live-in personal care is designed to provide you with a holistic care service, responsive to your needs and delivering you with 24 hour support. The carer is there to provide a complete personal care service, looking after you and the environment you live in, providing regular nutritional, tasty meals, ensuring you take your medications and dealing with all your personal care needs as they occur. A live-in carer will usually work a 7 day stretch, which means in most cases a team of two different carers will be used to provide this service. If the care needs become very complex the run of consecutive days the carer works will be reduced to allow them a break.

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